No-Strings-Attached Sugar Dating: What Does NSA Mean For A Sugar Baby?

What Does NSA Mean For A Sugar Baby | Sundate.asia

If you are figuring out the dating world, some of the terms you may have come across are FWB or NSA relationships. In this post, we answer questions such as: What does NSA mean in text? What is NSA fun? What does NSA mean sugar daddy?

To answer these questions, you need to first understand what does NSA mean on dating sites. NSA is an acronym for no-strings-attached. 

What is NSA relationship meaning on dating sites? 

In the dating world, it is having a sexual partner who you can talk to openly and honestly about your sexual intentions and preferences but nothing else. 

When you see NSA on someone’s bio on a dating site, it implies that the person is ready for a relationship but they have no intention of committing themselves. 

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NSA Relationships: Definition 

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What does NSA mean for a sugar baby?

What does no-strings-attached mean? What is an NSA relationship? In an NSA relationship,  you can meet attractivel partners without the pressure and obligations of a committed relationship or with no emotional attachment. 

No-strings-attached does not mean that you cannot talk and have a good time: You can have some NSA fun such as great sex without regreting it in the morning or feel guilty about breaking off the relationship whenever you decide. 

Simply put, you get to enjoy spending time together without worrying about a future with each other. It’s a relationship in which both of you understand you are acting on a selfish desire for sexual satisfaction and nothing else.

As your partner does not expect exclusivity, you are free to explore other relationships without the fear or pressure that comes with a committed relationship. Also, there are little to no gestures of love and none of you expects them anyway. 

This kind of relationship is ideal if you can separate sex, even the mind-blowing kind, from a real relationship. 

An NSA relationship is a perfect option if you are:

  • Looking for multiple sexual experiences for the time being. 
  • Not satisfied with the type of sex you are getting from your partner.
  • Too busy to invest your time in calling, texting, planning for dates, and the shenanigans that come with a committed or exclusive relationship.
  • Fresh from a disappointing relationship and you have no desire to get into a new serious relationship, but you want your sexual desires met.
  • In a long-distance relationship and your sexual needs cannot be met through masturbation.

What Does NSA Fun Mean? 

NSA fun means that you enjoy the perks that come with a partner devoid of every aspect of a serious relationship and without any financial expectations or rewards. 

While it sounds like fun, such a relationship is not for everyone. If you are someone who is either all in or not or if you easily develop feelings once you become intimate with someone, this will not work for you. 

Where Do I Find NSA Relationships? 

It’s not a good idea to develop an NSA relationship with a friend due to the lack of emotional availability in this kind of relationship. If you crave some NSA fun, one of the easiest places you can get it is on dating sites that offer purely NSA arrangements. 

Is Being in An Open Relationship The Same As NSA Sugar Dating? 

Yes and no. In an open relationship, a couple has a common partner. On the other hand, both of you have the choice of dating other partners without informing each other when you are in an NSA relationship. 

NSA VS FWB VS Sugar Dating

Is a no-strings-attached situation different from a friends-with-benefits relationship? Yes. Indeed, sugar dating is also different from the two. Here’s a table that points out the main differences:

NSAFWBSugar dating
Prior knowledge of your partnerYou do not need to have known your partner at the start of the relationshipFWB relationships thrive if the partners have prior knowledge of each other and understand what they are getting intoSugar dating happens between people who meet maybe on dating apps 
Type of relationshipPurely sexual and based on physical attractionIt may be based on anything from physical attraction to characterPurely transactional
Emotional attachmentZero emotional attachmentPartners are free to discuss their emotionsPartners can freely express their emotions 
Prospects of a future togetherNSA relationships are mostly temporaryThe prospect of a future together largely depends on the partners. As this is usually a transactional relationship, partners can decide to build a future together or not

How do you have a successful relationship with no strings attached? You need to lay down the following rules right from the onset of such a relationship.  

Top NSA Dating Rules

So you think you are ready for a no-strings-attached kind of relationship? Have a look at the below ground rules so you know if you’ll be a great NSA partner or not:

Respect Each Other’s Freedom

Freedom is the main reason people get into an NSA relationship. Therefore, you will need to respect your partner’s freedom by keeping your distance and not controlling or judging them. It is a good idea not to hang out with them often or go out on dates. 

If you’ve met in their place, avoid leaving a spare toothbrush, clothes, or any other item that could jeopardize the relationship. 

Protection Is a MUST in NSA Relationships

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According to the Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, a study carried out between 2016 and 2017 on STI prevalence, 40.6% of the patients tested positive for STIs. As your partner and yourself are free to have multiple sexual partners, you need to use protection. 

Move On if You Feel That You’re Developing Feelings

Emotions have a way of getting in the way of intimacy, but when it’s an NSA, emotions are out of the picture. Avoid discussing your life’s details with your partner as your emotional connection may start to deepen. 

Also, it’s not advisable to ask the other person whether they are sleeping with other people. Should you or your partner start getting possessive, it’s time to call it quits. 

Discuss Boundaries 

Among the main reasons people opt for NSA relationships is the fact that they can enjoy uninhibited sex and explore their fantasies. 

However, it is a good idea to discuss your boundaries when it comes to your expectations and how to behave towards each other. For instance, you may decide to not text or call each other unless it’s about hooking up for sex. 

Do not feel ashamed of putting your needs first in an NSA relationship. Remember that this is a casual relationship, not a real one. If you do not like something, feel free to let your partner know. 

6 Key Reasons You Should Consider NSA Dating

If You Need A Break From The Dating Scene

While relationships are fun, the modern dating scene can be a handful or downright exhausting and draining especially for a sugar baby or daddy. 

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You may opt to stay single, but sooner or later you will crave some physical connection. If you feel that you need a physical or emotional break but crave some intimacy, you might want to try an NSA relationship. 

You Are Not Ready For A Serious Commitment

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After several heartbreaks or failed relationships, most people are not ready to commit to someone. Have some NSA fun and kinky sex without committing to a person. 

You Want To Experience Something ‘Out Of The Box’

Getting into an NSA relationship is an effective way of exploring your fantasies and getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to sex. What’s more? You can be honest with your partner about what you would like without feeling that they will judge you or you will hurt their feelings. 

You Still Want to See Other People

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You don’t need to delete your Tinder profile if you are in an NSA relationship. 

You Want Something Temporary

NSA relationships are meant to be temporary. In fact, you can break the relationship off at whichever time without feeling sorry for leaving your partner. As long as you set and follow the rules, you can leave with zero resentment and emotional baggage. 

You Want The Advantages Of A Sexual Relationship Without Its Downsides

In a no-strings-attached relationship, you have the perks of physical intimacy and romance without the hassle of a regular relationship.

Why Sugar Daddies Prefer NSA Relationships 

The larger percentage of sugar daddies do not ascribe to the emotional baggage of dating multiple persons. That is the main reason they prefer an NSA relationship. Of course, there are platonic sugar daddies out there too. 

As both sides do not have to be responsible for one another, an NSA is an effective way for a sugar daddy to fulfil their sexual desire without dipping their hand back into their pocket.

Getting into an NSA as a sugar daddy is a good way of getting ‘polygamous’ without necessarily being accountable for it. 

Most sugar daddies are busy people either with their careers, families or with their other relationships. As NSA relationships are purely physical, they have sufficient time to attend to their day-to-day schedule without having to worry about giving attention to their partner. 

NSA relationships give sugar daddies a perfect opportunity to test and explore their sexual limits. This is a person they have no commitment to and are brutally honest with in terms of their sexual needs and expectations. 

How to End an NSA Relationship 

NSA relationships are pretty straightforward: You only need to set the ground rules, develop no feelings towards each other and not become emotionally attached. However, becoming intimate with someone over and over again may get the better of your feelings necessitating that you walk away. 

It’s time to call off your NSA relationship if you feel that the thought of your partner with someone else is making you jealous or if the relationship starts making you feel unhappy. 

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Ending an NSA relationship is rather easy as there is little or no emotional baggage. One way of ending an NSA is through avoidance. This may mean not answering your partner’s calls or texts for a hookup or slowly distancing yourself from them. 

If you feel that a little respect is nice even though the relationship may have been casual, honesty may be the best way of ending the relationship. 

Simply let your partner know you are breaking off with him because you are developing feelings for them or for any other reason. Let them know it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to move on. 

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