Beyond the Surface: Identifying Telltale Signs of Mommy Issues in Men and How to Deal With It (2023 Guide)

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Being in a relationship is already challenging, and it gets even tougher when there’s a third wheel involved, whether it’s a silently meddling person or someone more outspoken. 

Is his mom too involved in your relationship? Or do his unresolved mommy issues ruin all of his adult relationships?

If you ever find yourself dating a so-called “mama’s boy,” these are some questions that might cross your mind. 

Now, just to be transparent, I’m a mom myself and believe it’s perfectly fine for parents and children to have a strong bond. 

In fact, it can even be a positive sign when a guy has a close relationship with his mom. 

However, there comes a point when the closeness becomes excessive and raises concerns about mommy issues impacting the relationship.

Several factors contribute to the development of mommy issues in men, including unresolved early childhood traumas, emotional neglect, or a dysfunctional mother-child toxic relationship

These issues often arise from a mother’s inability to provide appropriate emotional support during critical developmental years, leading to feelings of abandonment and lack of self-worth in her son.

Mother Comforting Her Son By Patting Him on The Shoulder | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

Researchers have found that men with mommy issues may struggle with interpersonal relationships, often seeking approval and affirmation from others due to the emotional void left by their mothers. 

In some cases, men may develop an unhealthy reliance on their partners for emotional validation, mirroring the dependent relationship they had with their mothers.

Further, mommy issues in men can manifest as attachment issues or a fear of abandonment, leading to controlling or possessive behaviour in relationships. In severe cases, these issues can contribute to the development of mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. 

Understanding what causes mommy issues for men is crucial to addressing these underlying problems and providing effective therapeutic interventions.

Understanding whether a man has major ‘mommy issues‘ can be determined by observing certain behaviors and attitudes. 

These signs are often rooted in unresolved emotional situations from his early childhood, primarily involving his mother.

He’s really seeking approval from everyone, isn’t he? He wants your approval, her approval, and even his boss’s approval. 

This approval-seeking behavior can manifest in various ways, such as:

  • Seeking validation for their achievements
  • Needing affirmation in their choices
  • Overcompensating in relationships to please their partner
  • Struggling with decision-making without others’ input
  • Constantly seeking mom marriage approval

It seems like he either got all the love and support from his mom or none at all. Either way, this guy is still on the hunt for validation well into adulthood.

A guy who’s got some mommy issues might struggle with feeling secure. 

It could stem from his childhood experiences and feelings of not being good enough, or he might still be seeking that same kind of nurturing and approval he got from his mom.

Girlfriend Holding Man's Hands to Comfort Him | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

The guy who has mommy issues often struggles with setting healthy boundaries. 

His relationship with his mom can either be too clingy or extremely distant, which can affect his other relationships as well. 

Dealing with him might feel similar to dealing with this kind of dynamic. It’s possible that he doesn’t really know what appropriate boundaries in relationships should look like and might not be open to learning about it.

Does he keep going on about how life isn’t fair to him? Does he think he’s the most important person in the world? 

Guys with mommy issues often carry a grudge. They believe they’re owed something by the world and adjust their expectations accordingly. 

He might have a tendency to complain about how things never meet his lofty standards. Life may not be fair, but he thinks it should cut him some extra slack.

Woman Making Dinner for Man Who Came Over for a Date | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

Do you always find yourself being compared to his flawless mother? Or maybe even to his not-so-perfect one? 

If he keeps using her as a standard, positive or negative, it can get pretty exhausting hearing those comparisons. 

You deserve to be loved for exactly who you are, not constantly measured against who she’s been to him.

You may spot a guy with some serious mommy issues who has a pretty messed up attitude towards women. 

Whether he’s downright rude to them or just talks about them disrespectfully, it’s clear he doesn’t have a great opinion of the ladies. 

One of the reasons why dating is so hard in Singapore is that his standards are likely way too high and not very kind. 

Even if you manage to make a good impression on him at first, chances are it won’t last long.

Man Yelling at Woman in a Fight | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

Sometimes, if a guy has mommy issues, he can get scared when it comes to getting close to someone. The idea of commitment might make him feel trapped or tied down. 

He might struggle with having healthy, intimate relationships and choose to keep his guard up to protect himself from getting hurt.

Sometimes, it seems like he relies on his mom a lot for validation. He’s not just looking for approval, his sense of worth is tied to the encouragement and emotional support he gets from others. 

It’s like he needs constant reassurance because his self-esteem isn’t where it should be. 

Plus, he’s always worried about being rejected and goes to great lengths to make sure people accept him in his relationships.

Man Looking at Woman in a Family Dinner With The In-Laws | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

Sometimes, his relationship with his mother gets in the way of him taking responsibility. It could be because she always rescued him or never held him accountable. 

Whatever the reason, guys with mommy issues tend to struggle with being accountable. They find it hard to admit their mistakes and hardly ever say sorry. 

It’s like they believe that acknowledging their wrongdoings makes them a failure or unworthy of love. Although that’s not true, it might feel that way for them.

If he relies on your relationship too much, he could be codependent. It’s not just that he wants you, he actually needs you to feel valued and cared for. 

The man who has issues with his mother might not truly love himself. He could still be searching for the parental love he requires or a similar kind of intense love that was present in his past. 

His sense of self is built around his relationships, and without them, he feels incomplete and hollow.

Man Sitting on the Sofa Feeling Down | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

You’ll also see that he can be a bit impulsive. Sometimes it shows in his actions or even in how he handles his money. 

He doesn’t always think things through and tends to go with his gut, even when it might be better to hold off. 

Because of this impulsiveness, he might make spontaneous purchases, act on cheating without really thinking about it, or start arguments for no reason. 

He may feel like he’s finally taking charge of his life, but he doesn’t really stop to think about the potential outcomes of what he’s doing.

If he’s super sensitive to any kind of criticism, and even a simple suggestion he doesn’t like could make him snap back with a “You’re not my mom!”, then it’s pretty obvious that he’s a walking red flag. 

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If you haven’t dealt with a grown man like this, then count yourself lucky. Any slight hint of criticism sets him off on the defensive, and it can be really hard to talk things through with someone who blows up at any sign that he might be wrong or need to change.

Man Breaking Down After a Fight With Girlfriend | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

The guy who has some serious mommy issues expects his partner to do all the heavy lifting. 

He thinks it’s totally normal for women in his life to handle all the emotional and mental work in the relationship. 

Equality? Nah, not his thing, especially when it comes to chores and raising kids. 

His expectations aren’t exactly forward-thinking, but he might not even realize it. He probably considers himself superior to other men while putting in minimal effort.

A guy with mommy issues is no stranger to jealousy. It’s not just about feeling envious of other guys; he gets jealous of everyone. 

He’s always comparing his own progress to others and gets green-eyed when they succeed. 

Supporting others is tough for him because he thinks life is unfair, and he feels like their triumphs somehow steal something from him.

Jealous Man Cheering Drinks to Guests on Dining Table | Mommy Issues in Men | Sundate Singapore Sugar Dating

If someone has had problems with their mom or a mother figure, it can sometimes cause them to have anger issues. 

Whether their relationship with their mom was distant, overly close, or somewhere in the middle, they might have emotions that they haven’t dealt with yet and may even feel guilty for feeling them. 

If they keep suppressing these feelings, it could eventually lead to angry outbursts. They might find themselves getting mad without even knowing why.

We often tend to judge men with mommy issues, but it’s actually crucial to approach them with compassion. 

These issues stem from having an unhealthy relationship with their maternal figure. It’s not fair to label them as selfish or inconsiderate jerks. 

Research suggests a five-pronged approach that includes:

Understanding and empathy are crucial elements in dealing with men who have mommy issues. 

The complex dynamics of their past relationships with their mothers often lead to difficulties in their personal lives, creating barriers to genuine connection and freedom.

Nobody wants to have mommy issues, you know? It’s not like he woke up one day and said, “Hey, I want to have mommy issues!” It’s something he probably didn’t choose and is most likely finding it hard to deal with.

Even if he knows it’s a problem, it doesn’t mean he can fix it right away. 

It might take some counseling, both on his own and as a couple, to navigate how his mother’s parenting style affects his adult romantic relationships. 

Just remember to be patient with him and also with yourself as you work through this issue.

It’s important to set boundaries between you and your partner, as well as with their mother. 

Figure out which areas have been causing issues for you. Ask your partner about the boundaries that are problematic for them too. 

Developing healthy boundaries takes time and effort, so be willing to put in the work to improve your relationship.

If you can see that your partner has some serious mommy issues, but he either doesn’t realize it or refuses to admit it, remember that you can’t fix the complicated relationship all on your own. 

It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to continue as things are or if it’s time for a change in your life regarding this relationship. 

If you’re not cool with playing second fiddle to his mother or dealing with the baggage she left behind, it might be best to end things if he’s not willing to work on these problems. 

You can love him deeply and still acknowledge that a healthy relationship takes effort from both sides.

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Let’s talk about something important – the whole “mommy issues” thing. It’s essential to understand that there’s a distinction between him having issues with his mother and you having issues with her. 

Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean he has mommy issues. Before jumping to conclusions and blaming him, take a step back and think about your own expectations for family and romantic relationships. 

Are they healthy and realistic? It might be worth considering if you’re the one with the problem, rather than putting all the blame on him. 

We all have our fair share of personal struggles that could benefit from therapy. Are you open to examining yourself closely? Sometimes, looking inwards is where we find the truth.

Some of us are aware of our flaws and actively trying to fix them, while others are aware but not making any changes. And then there are those who aren’t self-aware at all. 

No matter where you fall in that spectrum, chances are you’ll come across someone who had a rocky relationship with their mother. 

It’s not something you have to agree with or like, but before throwing around any “mama’s boy” jokes, remember that it’s perfectly fine for a man to be close to his mother. 

Real problems don’t stem from genuine closeness with mom. So let’s be kind and understand that the issues we see may have deeper pains we can’t fully grasp.

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