19 First Date Ideas Singapore – What to Do and Where to Go on a Date in Singapore (2023 Guide)

First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Are first dates not one of the tensest outings to plan for anyone? Most of these tense situations stem from the need to impress with the location, choice of date idea, and how to keep a vibe, amongst other factors.

It’s easy and lazy to pick a movie or dinner date like everyone else. However, this article lists other creative options that can introduce dynamism to the situation between you and your date.

First dates are usually to de-escalate the initial tension between two strangers, but movies or dinner dates don’t help achieve that.

This is also an interesting topic for me, learning that creating the best experience with the first date is a great way to improve your dating life, as I have done for myself over the past few years. 

This article provides you first date ideas Singapore to consider when you meet that new special person and want to treat them to an amazing time out with you.

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First Date Ideas Singapore – 19 Ideas That Will Surely Impress Your Date

Visit Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Universal Studio in Singapore is South Asia’s first and only theme park, and you can create the experience of a date with your partner here. This is one of the best date ideas in Singapore for couples.

Besides the large area allowing you to walk and initiate conversations, you can choose experiences like water rides, roller coasters, and 4D shows. This allows couples to bond over the adrenaline rush. Visit Resorts World Sentosa and find the best experience exploring nature parks on Sentosa Island.


Karaoke Session | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Karaoke is one bonding experience to try for your first date as it brings you and your date some new way to express yourself and discover what you like. The idea of karaoke may not seem like the most luxurious way to lay the groundwork, but it’s one of many cheap dates Singapore offers.

These days, dating mostly begins online, and you can always find out from your partner if they like the idea of singing in a colorful booth and unleashing your inner popstars.

You singing your favorite songs could fuel a little romance between you two.

Pack a Picnic

Picnic Date | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

A picnic is another wonderful Singaporean dating concept to consider when considering options. There are several places to picnic in Singapore, such as Singapore Botanic Gardens or Marina Barrage, which offers breathtaking views of Marina Bay Sands and the surrounding area.

For a Singapore date, Fort Canning Park is a little more private. A picnic is an excellent place to have great conversations with a view of the surrounding landscape.

Share exciting details about each other while taking a romantic stroll or a sit in the park to get to know each other better. 

Outdoor Escape Room Tour

Escape Room Date | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Escape rooms in Singapore provide a unique and entertaining date experience. To discover your escape, you and your partner will need to put your brains to the test.

Virtual room Singapore has some of best games such as the VR escape room adventure, will bring your personality to life, making it a perfect method to forge close bonds with people while offering fantastic entertainment.

Sometimes figuring out what to say next on a date is an issue but trust me, you’d appreciate a setting that makes it easy for both of you to keep the vibe alive while you get to know each other.

Camping Under the Stars

Camping Under the Stars | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Sit on a plush bed in a spacious bell tent with metallic balloon decorations and romantic fairy lights, and look out at the stars with your special someone.

Let the romantic geniuses behind Glamping Society set up the premium romance package by the sea and keep you both well supplied with treats like cheese, grapes, pizzas, and chilled sparkling juice.

You won’t even need to lift a finger. Some restaurants also have camp or tent themes you can consider for similar concepts.


Outdoor Cycling | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Cycling is an exciting activity when planning a first date in Singapore. And it could create a great start for the intimacy between you and your date, whether you know how to ride a bicycle or not.

Marina Bay is a favorite destination for bikers, and you get access to bike rental business, the pleasant sea wind, and picturesque views.

This is one interesting way to get to know your partner, and if it doesn’t feel enough, you can have a picnic later since that would require no cardio.

Rooftop Retreat

Rooftop Retreat | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Rooftop retreats in places like The Sundowner, Siglap, etc., offer great date ideas in Singapore to help couples get the most out of their time out. Singapore has some of the best destinations for a rooftop retreat.

In these places, you can order dinner or even book a private movie night. Select a perfect movie for a couple, bring some chips or popcorn, get a drink, or buy some BBQ.

During the day, you catch a view of Singapore skyline, and at night, it’s much more exciting.

Volunteer at Animal Shelters

Volunteer at Animal Shelters | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Most people often misconstrue entertainment as the dream date, but you could consider volunteering if your partner is down for such dates.

Volunteer for a local charity is another perfect place to find out what you guys have in common while helping animals.

Unlike what you feel over a dance or dinner night, a much deeper bond can emanate from such circumstances. It might not be the most ideal for a first unique date, but it at least lays the groundwork to help each other plan another date.


Arcade Date | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

An arcade date is always one of the most interesting fun date ideas Singapore offers you, except if your partner is not a fan of games. Arcade dates provide the relaxation and fun day you need.

You can both enjoy games and be goofy while grabbing drinks and food. Arcade games like cosmic bowling, shooters, beat-em-up, racing games, etc.

In this case, the point of the game is usually not to be competitive but to have fun, and it can be one of your best date experiences.

Wine and Dine in Luxury

Fine Dining Date | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Although I mentioned earlier that dinner dates are a lazy choice of date, you can still make it worth it and create the best experience possible. Dining in a fancy restaurant is quite elite on the list of unique date ideas in Singapore, but consider places that create a unique experience for it.

The best choice should be places that bring that romantic aura alive; you’d need to consider the restaurant’s setting, lighting, menu, and other activities. When properly planned, a wine and dine date night can still be as magical as you desire.


Tufting | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Tufting is the most creative way to try and know your date. And this usually means that you can return home with a gorgeous rug worthy of display.

Try tufting if you find knitting or sewing to be a bit too delicate for you. Participants in Tuft Club workshops are given a bulky tufting gun, which they use to weave yarn into a hefty canvas to produce fluffy works of art. 

Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

The fun experience in cafe-hopping is the variety and the several cafes you try before you call it a day. See it like bar hopping but as early as 8 am without the hangover.

This coffee culture has around the world into dating scenes, and Singapore offers you some of the best cafes to try out.

It’s a way for couples in Singapore to see the cities and enjoy some caffeine-fueled excitement while outside. You can pair cafe hopping with other exciting activities in this article.

Go Kart

Go Kart | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Go Kart dates always provide one of the best bonding experiences for partners. It’s even more romantic when one partner has never been in the karting arena.

It gives you quality couple time to teach them and show them how to race with the kart.

Do at least two races with your partner and ensure they are having fun before requesting to race again. Go-karting is one of those few activities which creates fun times for everyone, regardless of prior experience with karting.

Museum Hopping

Musuem in Singapore | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Most museums are no longer only places where students go on field excursions or places where people go to cool off in the summer. Nowadays, there is a ton of fun to be had in museums.

Singapore, a contemporary center of trade and finance with rich history, is culturally diverse, and some of these elements are present in the national museums for sightseeing.

Couples in Singapore should consider visiting to immerse themselves in these museum aesthetics. You will be treating yourselves to dopamine-inducing images, and are often a great place to take pictures. 

Romantic Spa

Romatic Spa | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Spas in Singapore allow you to lose yourself in the utmost peace. It offers the most relaxing and exquisite vacation in a quiet setting surrounded by nature.

Choose a spa package, put your phone away, and delve deeper into your relationship with your sweetheart.

Spa dates allow you and your partner to get some therapeutic experience while sharing exciting moments while conversing. Spa dates usually have an underlying tone of romance, which can keep your relationship with your date partner on track.

Open-Air Panoramic Ride

Skypark Sentosa | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

The experience at SkyHelix Sentosa is fantastic and even more magical when you share that feeling with your date partner. SkyHelix Sentosa is Singapore’s tallest open-air panoramic attraction, and it has the best experience you’d find in the country.

You will sit in a slowly rotating open-air gondola that rises to a height of 79 meters above sea level. Let your hair down, be carefree, dangle your feet in the air, and take in the uplifting atmosphere while sipping on a cold beverage and looking at your partner beside you.

This is an unforgettable experience for anyone, and you can etch the moment in your partner’s heart forever.

Roller or Ice Skating

Ice Skating | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Take your date roller skating or ice skating for a super fun and delightful evening out. You’d see this in many Western and Asian films.

The duo will be one amusing incompetent skater—or at least one who pretends to be incompetent—pulling the other brilliant skater around the rink while hanging on firmly.

You could also replicate this for your date and spend quality time bonding with your date. Even if Singapore lacks four distinct seasons, the ice skating rinks in Kallang or JCube allow you to fulfill your theatrical fantasies.

Despite how romantic it is to cling on for dear life while your date leads you across, be sure at least one of you can skate to avoid ending up in a heap on the cold, hard ground.

Chill by the Beach

Hanging Out at the Beach | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Beach dates are free date ideas for couples who want a break from the routine and are a terrific way to spend time together. Depending on your mood and what you choose to do, beaches might be romantic, adventurous, or both.

The beach bar is always filled with many people, but ironically they are one of the cheapest places to spend some fun alone moments with your friend.

Just the waves, the sand, the horizon ahead, and the people walking by. It provides a poetic ambiance that helps you relax.

Water Biking

Water Biking | First Date Ideas Singapore | Sundate Singapore

Water biking is one of those romantic date ideas in Singapore if land cycling is too mainstream at Pasir Ris. With Water Bike SG, Singapore’s first water bike, you and your date may go on an exciting journey that entails exploring the coastline.

What’s best? To operate the water bike, you don’t need to know how to ride a land bike. You might also arrange a friendly race with your date, as the water bikes have a top speed of 15 km/h.

Also, you may ask the staff to affix a complimentary umbrella to your water bike if it gets too sunny. Water biking is one of Singapore’s most adventurous date ideas, and you should try it.

Where and How Can You Find Yourself a Date in Singapore?

So at this point of the article, it appears that picking any of the places mentioned above is not the problem. Despite the large dating pool, certain people still experience problems finding dates and matches online.

To find a date, you must also put yourself out there more, which might also include visiting some of the places mentioned above alone. What’s to say you can’t go on a solo date and secure yourself another date with someone from there?

Sundate is the perfect platform to register on to give yourself endless options for dating.

Moreso, Sundate as a sugar dating app, makes sure that you are almost guaranteed to find yourself suitable sugar mummy, daddy, or baby matches to help you fulfill your dating fantasies.

Here are a few benefits you can get from using Sundate:

  • Privacy
    You can create your sugar baby, daddy, or mommy profile with utmost privacy, allowing you to control who can see your profile or photos. Sundate also ensures that only the most genuine, high-quality applicants can sign up.
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What Next?

First dates are usually about second dates and making progress with people you recently met. The best dates should have memorable experiences, which I’ve tried to focus on in my selection of the best date ideas in Singapore.

I hope you benefit from this article and can try out any of the ideas in this list if they already have dates. However, you can also create ideas outside of the list, understanding the precedent for setting up your dates with finesse.

If you’re single, register an account on Sundate and find yourself a date.