Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy – What to Look Out for ?

Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

If you’ve been on social media or numerous sugar lifestyle groups, you’ve definitely come across the term salt daddy.

This sugarbaby Malaysia lingo and concepts may be too much for you, especially if you’re new to sugaring, and notions like Splenda daddy or salt daddy may sound absurd. 

So, what exactly is the meaning of sugar daddy, and are bad sugar daddies always a bad idea? What does salt daddy vs sugar daddy mean? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about sugar dating. Let’s get started!

Sugar Daddy VS Salt Daddy – Salt Daddy Meaning and Sugar Daddy Meaning? 

The term “salt daddy” is most frequently used to describe a man who seems wealthy or kind enough to be a sugar daddy to seduce unsuspecting sugar babies.

However, unlike sugar daddies, they don’t want to spoil you with gifts but pretend to do so to get in your pants. Guys may lie about their earnings to entice attractive women — and vice versa — on some online dating platforms. 

So what is a sugar daddy? Sugar daddies are kind and generous. A sugar daddy would frequently pay for your movies or dinner. So, if a man ignores your requests for money, he probably is a salt daddy. 

When pursuing a sugar baby Malaysia, a salt daddy will often avoid arranging the first date. Alternatively, he might say that he is too busy to go out with her. Instead, he will invite you over to his house for dinner or perhaps just a few drinks. 

The key takeaway is that a salty dad will be pressuring you into the bedroom over these dates.

There are a few common misunderstandings about salt daddy as well. Some sugar baby sugar daddy Malaysia only want to spoil you with trips, presents, dinners, and expensive dates rather than making the relationship feel transactional but that does not make them salt daddies.

Also, a sugar daddy or sugar mommy who does not provide a monthly allowance does not mean he is a salt daddy or mommy. Some sugar daddies aim for long-term relationships and marriage on sugar daddy websites.

Types of Sugar Daddies

The sugar daddy Malaysia meaning can be better understood by bifurcating between the types of men in the sugar world.

The Dream Daddy

Rich Old Man | Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

Yes, dreams do come true! This will be your dream sugar daddy: handsome, tall, rich. He’ll want to develop a real connection with you by taking you out to a show, to fancy dinners, and on vacation.

He’ll be delighted to give you a salary each month and will usually wish to assist you with expenses like tuition or rent. The dream daddy is the best catch. If you stick with him, you’ll have a wonderful sugar life.

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The Married Daddy

Your sugar daddy is likely married. Discretion is critical when you’re seeing a married daddy. Most likely, he won’t want his family and wife to learn about you, and you don’t want to get discovered and cause a whirlwind of drama. 

Married daddies are more committed to spending time with his family; as a result, he will return home after work and won’t be available on weekends. 

Jet-Setter Daddy

Couple Travelling | Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

This is a daddy who simply wants a travel companion to join him on lavish vacations. The jet-setter sugar daddy works a lot and, like other sensitive sugar daddies, is looking for a way out. 

The idea of having a sizzling piece of arm candy appeals to him greatly. The jet-setter daddy will always prefer a casual arrangement over a meaningful relationship. Men like the jet-setter are likely to have big pockets, so get ready for a VIP getaway.  

Salt Daddy

Salt daddies are those who enter into sugaring, intending to sleep with a young and hot sugar baby without offering financial support or developing any relationship. This is the type of daddy you want to avoid at all costs. 

How to Spot a Salt Daddy – What to Look Out for? 

It’s common for new sugar babies to end up with salt daddies. However, with time and practice, you can determine whether a man is a salt or sugar daddy. You don’t need to wait long to learn, though. 

So, for those who are still new to sugar dating, here is a list of salt daddy red signs to look out for:

All Talk, No Action!

Anyone can talk the talk, but does he live the walk? Suppose your sugar daddy keeps gushing about how much he can give—huge allowances, extravagant trips, and promises to send an upfront payment of a few hundred dollars—but nothing ever seems to happen. 

In that case, his attitude exposes him to the salt daddy he really is.

Couple Dining Out on Date Night | Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

You may want to give a possible sugar daddy the benefit of the doubt because the arrangement on offer sounds so friggin fantastic, but keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is!

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It’s Moving Fast

When you visit a sugar daddy website, you may come across folks in a hurry. If this is your first chat, you may even find that they ask you for naked pictures and discuss sex excessively.

Be cautious if you encounter such a dad because he’s probably a salty one. A good dad would never ask you to do something like this in the first place and would move very gently. 

They’ll be curious about what you do, why you want a dad and other things. They don’t bring up personal details about your relationship too soon in your interactions.


Salt daddies often schedule meetings and ditch you at the last moment. He offers to provide a deposit to ensure you are booked and that it will soon be time for you to meet in person. You give your full name, mailing address, bank account information for checks, etc., but the sugar baby allowance never shows up. 

He sends you money by Wire Transfer or a check in the mail and requests that you keep it and transfer some of it back to him or another person. Things can come up, but if he cancels at the last minute twice or three times in a row, a meeting will never happen.

Makes Promises Right Away

A sugar daddy will immediately offer tuition expenses, large allowances, and luxurious vacations. He wants to fly you on his private aircraft or yacht, take you on unlimited shopping sprees, to the Super Bowl, and cover the cost of plastic surgery.

Couple Going Home After Shopping | Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

That is only possible with a generous top 1% sugar daddy. Wait until an actual SD shows truthfulness in at least some of the benefits promised. Dreamy SDs certainly exist, but they are usually careful and do not just fling money around.

He Avoids Talking About Money

The salt daddy usually avoids the subject of pay and allowances, which is one of the biggest red flags. Sugar daddies are well-established and prosperous men. They want to spoil you by sharing their immense fortune with you.

Giving Money | Salt Daddy VS Sugar Daddy | Sundate Malaysia

So, if you choose a very nice and costly restaurant to meet him, he will most likely not mind. However, if the man you’re speaking with prefers a less expensive place, he’s probably not the sugar daddy who can meet your expectations. 

Move on to the next dad who can truly suit your way of life.

What to Do As a Sugar Baby?

If you’re a sugar baby, chances are you’ve run into a salt daddy at some time in your journey. Scammers and salt daddies are like exes; the best thing to do is end things with them and move on. 

And next is your chance to seek revenge! Never inform the perpetrator that you are planning to report them. Why not, you might ask? They might then go on to the next victim after leaving that account or hiding for a bit. 

It is best to report the person so that the platform becomes aware of his malicious activities. His account will likely be terminated with repeated reports from multiple sugar babies. 

When you explore sugar dating websites, keep in mind what you want. To decrease the possibility of errors, don’t speed through your search and keep in mind of the rules for sugar dating. Be aware that finding the ideal sugar daddy for you could take some time.

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