How to Start A Conversation With A Stranger – Online Sugar Dating Edition

How To Start a Conversation With a Stranger | Sundate Asia Online Sugar Dating

Imagine this: You’ve finally got the conversation going with the fantastic sugar daddy you found on the stranger chat online website. 

He is charming, playful, and polite – everything you’ve ever wanted and more! It’s all going well until you start your stranger chat, and you’re at a loss for what to say. How to keep a conversation going might suddenly become a difficult question. 

In this article, we’ll explore some useful tips on topics how to start a conversation with a stranger online. Let’s get started!

How to Talk to A Sugar Daddy? 

It’s wise to note that a one-size-fits-all strategy will not work with every sugar daddy – sugar daddy messages that work for one man may not work for another. 

So, how to start conversation with guy? The two ways to talk to stranger are by complimenting a sugar daddy’s profile and being clear about the things you appreciate. 

Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy | How To Start a Conversation With a Stranger | Sundate Asia Online Sugar Dating

First, do some research about him by visiting his profile and looking for common interests and what they enjoy the most. 

This will help you keep the conversation engaging. And make sure that you introduce yourself as best you can, maintain body language and strike up a really great conversation – one where you don’t feel awkward, find a common ground, and are looking forward to more conversations.

The typical sugar baby introduction is to say your name, your profession or college, a little about your life, and what you like to do in your spare time, similar to the “about me” section of your sugar baby personal profile on Malaysia sugar dating apps. 

Knowing what not to say is just as crucial as knowing what to say. Although your opening message isn’t a complete deal-breaker, it might be if you start by bringing up the wrong topics.

For example, never use curse words when speaking to your sugar daddy. Never characterize someone as arrogant or rude, whether a waiter or anyone passing you on the road, since this is not ladylike behavior. Finally, avoid mentioning their age. You could think that saying “you look so young for 55!” is a compliment, but he won’t appreciate it. He doesn’t need to be reminded of his age; he knows it.

Greetings/Right Conversation Starters for Sugar Daddy 

Remember that the first message – THE conversation starter – you send to interested sugar daddies should be sincere and, in some manner, tailored to the sugar daddies. 

Describe your reason for contacting a sugar daddy, refer to something in their profile to demonstrate that you read it, and suggest that you would like a response or ask follow-up questions. 

Before writing a personalized message, you should be aware of some generic greeting message or the right conversation starters for texting examples. These are sentences that can easily make the sugar daddy feel comfortable talking to you. Here is how to start a conversation texting!

  • I see that you enjoy visiting the (insert location here). I’d love to go there one day and join you!
  • I decided to send you a note as you seem like a really interesting person. Ever read the book A Song of Ice and Fire? You’ll probably enjoy those if you enjoy the show. Which genre of fiction do you generally read?
  • Hello, daddy. Your outfit is fantastic! I really like this shade. What brand is that?
  • I noticed in your profile that you are traveling for work to (insert place) for a week, and I just so happen to be nearby. I’m available as a free tour guide!
  • I enjoy playing (insert hobby). I’ve worked on it in class! Can we get together and play sometime?

These are some excellent sugar baby greeting messages that can show your attention and genuine interest. Most importantly, it makes it simple for a sugar daddy to reply to your message and continue the conversation. Use the best sugar baby greeting, and take the time to engage in an exciting chat with strangers.

Some messages can turn a sugar daddy off – consider them small talk or things that won’t get a conversation flowing. Here are a few examples:

  • You look stunning for your age, and your eyes are so perceptive. I’m looking for a long-term relationship with presents and a monthly allowance. What do you think? (Avoid discussing age and opening a conversation with expectations for your partnership that nearly sound like demands.)
  • Your profile is fascinating. I suggest looking at my profile and my photos. Please write to me and try to pique my interest. Kiss. (Quite a self-centered and arrogant message) 
  • Hey. How do you spend your time on the website? Who are you looking for? I’m looking for serious relationships. (Don’t focus on your preferences yet)

How to Ask A Sugar Daddy for Money? 

When learning how to tell a sugar daddy what you want, it’s critical to understand what to say when asking a sugar daddy for money. Bringing up his previous sugar relationships is a great strategy. What were those sugar babies like? 

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How did his arrangement with them go? Such a question will start a discussion with your SD, during which you might bring up the allowance issue.

Woman Taking Money from Boyfriend's Pocket | How To Start a Conversation With a Stranger | Sundate Asia Online Sugar Dating

Besides, many SBs begin sugar dating while still in college. They mostly seek financial support with college tuition, so discussing your schooling is the easiest way to start. But remember that sugar relationships are supposed to be fun and simple. 

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Another option is to give out more. For example, provide something exotic, sweeter, passionate, and more beautiful – they are sure to notice, and for some daddies, it’s a perfect reason to start spoiling their sugar babies even more.

Ask them what they consider to be a reasonable allowance for you. In doing so, you are attempting to negotiate the correct number, not the importance of an allowance. Since not all sugar daddies can satisfy your allowance expectations, it’s best to be clear about yours. Talking about financial compensation is common in a sugar relationship, and if SD avoids it—that’s a red flag. 

Additionally, watch out for salt daddies who refuse to pay for anything and Splenda daddies who cannot afford to pay the same amount as the typical sugar daddies. 

Be confident and be sure of your requirements. You’re not here to marry this guy and live happily ever after, so don’t waste this potential or your time beating around the bush.

Conversation Topics to Have With A Sugar Daddy 

You’re chatting with a fantastic POT, and everything is going well until the chat runs dry. Don’t worry; here are tips on how to make a conversation interesting that will help you and your date have the perfect conversation. 

If you keep the conversation interesting on your end, your potential sugar daddy won’t have to scour for topics to talk about with a girl

His Career

This is one of the best topics to talk about with a guy. He’s worked hard to reach where he is now, and he’ll usually be ready to tell you about the thing that fills most of his time. 

His Hobbies

A person’s hobbies might reveal a lot about them. Even though their job may be what keeps the lights on, many choose to fill their free time with a hobby. You can discuss your shared hobby, whether it be through rock climbing or a writer’s group.

His Background

He’s already piqued your interest, so spend some time getting to know the man behind the texts! These initial conversations might be ideal for learning more about his background, hobbies, lifestyle, and career. Who doesn’t like to talk about himself?


How to continue conversation with online random strangers? Talk about travel! Travel is an all-time popular topic to talk about with your crush. Most sugar daddies are great travelers. Ask him about his travels and his dream destinations. 

Find out where in the world he enjoys visiting most. Hear his trip tales, and share some of your own. You can talk about your dream destinations and favorite places you’ve already visited. Who knows? It may even encourage him to invite you along on his next trip!

What’s more, have a sense of humor, be cautious but not afraid of asking questions, keep sharing and asking stories about your struggle, colleagues, family, etc. to keep your sugar daddy interested.

Important Questions to Ask a Sugar Daddy

Good Looking Couple in Formal Wear | How To Start a Conversation With a Stranger | Sundate Asia Online Sugar Dating

Here are some open-ended questions for talking to strangers online:

Question 1: Would you prefer a long-term or no-string attached sugar date?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a sugar daddy since the answer will affect your relationship and the financial support you receive.

Question 2: Have you ever been on a sugar date?

While you may be nervous about the sugar daddy on the first date, it is helpful to know his sugar dating history when you first meet him.

Question 3: When would you like to meet?

You’ll want to discuss how frequently you’ll schedule dates in the future unless you’ve already made it clear that you or your sugar daddy is looking for a temporary relationship.

Question 4: What are your expectations of a sugar baby?

Outlining the expectations before the arrangement begins is critical. It will assist you in mentally preparing and planning what you brought to the table in this relationship, be it a intimate or platonic one.

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How to Keep A Sugar Daddy Interested? 

The bond between a sugar baby and a daddy is delicate, be it a no-strings-attached relationship or otherwise. You must fully understand what your sugar daddy expects to keep him interested and return for more. Here are a few tips:

You must constantly be at the top of your game to keep a sugar daddy interested. You should have goals, passions, and hobbies and be easy to talk to.

Spend some time getting to know your sugar daddy. Practice talking. Discover all of his likes and dislikes if you want a more long-term relationship and, therefore, a reliable source of money. Many sugar daddies desire a partner who is sincerely interested in them.

Make sure that you never appear obsessive. Make it clear that you are not obsessed with your sugar daddy or your relationship. Asking for more attention, romance, or dates is not how sugar dating works. You need to demonstrate that you have a life outside your relationship; one way to do this is through social media.

It is understood that you will receive some perks when you are in a relationship with a sugar daddy, but never give the impression that you are entitled to what he is giving you. Thank him for everything he does for you; he will appreciate it.

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