Get Verified

Sundate understands that all users from this platform are always have deep concern in terms of privacy and safety. And therefore, there are a lot of users are reluctant to show too much of their image into the platform for anyone to view.

To enhance the said concerns while using Sundate, we have launched a new feature – Get Verified! All users that have completed profile verification will be awarded with a Verified Badge beside your Name!

By verifying your profile with your genuine identity, your profile’s photo gallery will be locked away from Non-Premium users! With this, the platform ensured that your photos are only visible by the genuine paid Premium users! And now you may show more of you via the photo gallery to attract your partner!

Before you get started, take a photo of you holding a piece of paper with handwritten information as below, pose as accordance to the demo photo:

  1. Your email address
  2. Sundate Verification
  3. Today’s Date & Time

Now you’re ready to get started, go to your profile and click on “Get Verified” button.

Then, select the photo that you have prepared earlier. After that, click on “Upload” and your photo will be uploaded and pending for approval.

The approval process should take less than 48hrs

To check your approval status, simply go back to your profile and check the button, if it is displaying “Verifying”, please be patient and wait for the update.

If your verification is successful, you should be able to see a “Verified Badge” beside your name.

If your profile verification has failed, the button will go back to “Get Verified“, but before that, our customer service should already contacted you and inform you the Reject Reason. If not, please do contact us via contact below: